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Sewer & Gas Lines

Gas Line & Sewer Services

Sewer & Gas Line Services in Baton Rouge, LA

At Southern Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we strive to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to the services we provide our community. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to top-tier workmanship — so that we can confidently say that we provide some of the best sewer and gas plumbers around.

If you have a plumbing issue that extends into the sewer system or any sort of gas line issue, our professionals are equipped with the specialized training necessary to provide you with the highest quality of service possible.

Baton Rouge Sewer Line Services

Sewer line issues can be particularly intimidating. A backed-up sewer line could have you getting closer to sewage than you ever wanted to be and lead to thousands of dollars in damages.

The average sewer line installation has a lifespan between 60 and 100 years and is a fairly simple system. This simplicity comes with the added benefit of creating a few common fault points that make most sewer line issues fairly predictable and routine. Some of the most common types of damage our professionals find themselves repairing are:

  • Pipe corrosion – Corrosion is generally caused by the general wear and tear of water flowing through a pipe. Given enough time, water has erosive effects on everything, including water pipes.
  • Shifting pipes – The Earth is far from stable. Depending on where you live, the Earth is constantly shifting and moving in both subtle and large ways.
  • Obstructions – Obstructions occur when things like tree roots and other in-ground objects somehow damage or restrict your pipes.

These issues can lead to a number of sewage problems, which if left unfixed, could lead to thousands in damages. Unfortunately, the signs of sewer line damage may not always be apparent. You may want to consider having a sewer line inspection if you’re dealing with:

  • Random flooding in your yard or crawlspaces
  • Unexplained sewage smells
  • Slow drainage in the home
  • Random water puddling or damage on floors or baseboards

If you notice any of these signs, it’s worth having your system inspected today. Southern Air is committed to providing the most quality Baton Rouge sewer line repairs possible. From drain snakes to full camera inspections, we’re fully trained in all of the latest methods and technologies and will have your sewer lines working at optimal efficiency in no time.

Gas Line Repair And Replacement

At Southern Air, our expertise doesn’t stop at water and air. Our plumbers are fully trained and qualified to provide any gas line services you could need. Regardless of it is a gas fixture repair or a full gas line replacement, we’re committed to providing you with the best gas line services at the most reasonable prices.

Detecting Gas Leaks

First and most important, if you feel like you’re experiencing any gas line issues, it’s important that you practice caution and shut off your gas supply immediately. A gas leak can have explosive consequences, and it’s far better to be safe than sorry.

The first resource all homeowners should rely on when utilizing natural gas is natural gas detectors. Like smoke alarms, these devices can detect natural gas far before the human nose and can alert you before a disaster happens.

The second best resources are your senses. A gas leak can be detected by giving off a balloon-like whistling sound as the gas passes through a leak in the system. Additionally, natural gas is also engineered to give off a potent “rotten egg” smell which makes it easy to detect.

If you feel like you are experiencing a gas leak or are dealing with any gas line issues, our plumbers are here to provide you with the most efficient path to solving your gas line issues.

The Last Sewer & Gas Repair Service You’ll Ever Need

Whether it’s sewer service, gas line repair or anything in between, the professionals here at Southern Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are confident that we’ll provide the most reputable home service possible. Our slogan is “Fixed Right Or It’s Free,” and we proudly stand and operate by those words. If you’re experiencing any sewer or gas line issues, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!

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