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Why Is My AC So Loud?

August 22, 2022 | Blog

Most of us know that air conditioning is necessary to combat the heat and humidity of Baton Rouge. When your cooling system is running frequently, it’s pretty easy to notice when its volume becomes obnoxious. However, pinpointing the cause of noisiness can be much more difficult.

So, what can you do about a loud AC unit? Well, Southern Air of Baton Rouge has the solutions you need to fix your system! We can identify potential causes and provide solutions for any loud AC unit, including Baton Rouge AC maintenance.

Reasons For A Loud AC Unit

There are many reasons your cooling system can be louder than normal. The sound itself can even help determine what the issue is! Since you may not be an HVAC expert, you may need to call one for help addressing any issues. Luckily, Southern Air of Baton Rouge has compiled some common causes of noisy AC units to help homeowners with troubleshooting!

Loose Hardware

AC units have tons of smaller pieces working inside of them, and sometimes those pieces come loose. If you think the banging and clanging coming from your unit is a loose piece of hardware, it’s time to call a professional AC repair company.


A banging or rattling noise can also be a sign of a dirty condenser. If your outdoor unit is near shrubs or bushes, it may collect some twigs, leaves or dirt. Luckily, this problem is usually an easy fix! Just remove the condenser cover and clean out any trapped debris.

Failing Motor

Many things can cause a failing motor. Whether the bearings are failing or the motor is facing low resistance, it’s time to call in the professionals for this repair. An AC technician can help before any further damage occurs to the unit.

Refrigerant Line Seal

Sometimes bubbling and gurgling noises can point towards a refrigerant issue. Air getting trapped in the refrigerant lines causes the annoying gurgling. Another potential issue is a refrigerant leak, which can cause a bubbling and hissing noise. In either case, the lines need to be sealed properly.

Isolation Padding

In most AC units, isolation padding absorbs the extra noise from the motion inside of the unit. These pads wear out over time, which raises the noise level of your unit. The best option is to replace the isolation padding in the air conditioner.

Worn Out Or Misaligned Belt

If you’ve noticed a squealing sound coming from your AC, then you may be dealing with a damaged belt. The squealing can change in pitch and volume depending on the weather and humidity level, but you’ll notice it once your AC turns on. This just means that you need a replacement AC belt.

Failing Outdoor Compressor

Screeching, clattering and growling noises can all point to a bad air compressor. If your AC has also stopped blowing cold air or is difficult to start up, these are also signs of a failing compressor. In this case, it’s time to call an AC repair crew to fix or replace your unit.

AC Replacement

If your older unit is making a buzzing noise, then it might be worn down. Even though your unit has faithfully served your family for years, it’s probably time for a replacement. Remember, it’s better to replace your system before it completely breaks down when you need it most!

How To Prevent Air Conditioner Noises

Sometimes you can fix a noisy cooling system at home, but it’s better to not have a noisy system in the first place! So, what can you do to prevent your air conditioner from screeching, banging and hissing? Get an annual AC tune-up!

A professional HVAC technician should perform your annual tune-up, which usually includes inspection, cleaning and service. Inspection is crucial to finding any loosened, corroded or worn parts inside of your system. And as we know, deteriorating parts usually lead to unpleasant noises.

Routine HVAC maintenance is extremely important. These maintenance checks are the best way to find any budding problems and fix them before they get worse. Of course, accidents and surprises happen. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted HVAC company that offers 24/7 emergency repairs!

Protect Your System With Professional AC Maintenance

Are you looking for a dependable and skilled HVAC company in sSouthern Louisiana? Whether you’re looking to prevent a noisy air conditioner or fix one, you can trust Southern Air of Baton Rouge. You can trust our team of certified HVAC technicians to tackle any issues that arise with your cooling system.

Your AC needs to be reliable, and your AC repair company needs to be reliable, too! That’s why Southern Air of Baton Rouge offers 24/7 emergency repair services, a Shield of Protection membership plan and multiple Ironclad Guarantees. We always stand by our work, so you can trust that our technicians will be friendly, efficient and thoughtful while servicing your home.

Schedule an AC tune-up today to protect your system.

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